Vol 7, No 1 (2016)

Spatial Cultures

Table of Contents


JOSS 7(1) Contents JOSS_7_2016_CONTENT


Editorial: Spatial Cultures I JOSS_7_2016_P107-136
Daniel Koch i-vi

Spatial Cultures [Theme, Volume 7]

The Spatial Culture of Factories JOSS_7_2016_P1-24
John Peponis 1-24
Reclaiming the virtual community for spatial cultures: Functional generality and cultural specificity at the interface of building and street JOSS_7_2016_P25-54
Garyfalia Palaiologou, Sam Griffiths, Laura Vaughan 25-54
In search of building types: On visitor centers, thresholds and the territorialisation of entrances JOSS_7_2016_P55-70
Mattias Kärrholm 55-70
From exhibits to spatial culture: an exploration of performing arts collections in museums JOSS_7_2016_P71-86
Kali Tzortzi, Bill Hillier 71-86
To each, their beach: unveiling nexus between architecture and society in urban beaches. JOSS_7_2016_P87-106
Lucy Donegan, Edja Bezerra Faria Trigueiro 87-106

Non-thematic section

The Architecture of Mixed Uses JOSS_7_2016_P107-136
Laura Narvaez, Alan Penn 107-136

Book Reviews

Spatial Cultures: Towards a New Social Morphology of Cities Past and Present JOSS_7_2016_P137-140
Daniel Koch 137-140

ISSN: 2044-7507