Vol 5, No 1 (2014)

Models and diagrams in architectural design

Table of Contents



Guest Editorial

JOSS Spring/Summer 2014: Models and diagrams in architectural design JOSS_2014_1_EDITORIAL
Daniel Koch, Pablo Miranda Carranza i-xix

Special Issue: Models and diagrams in architectural design

On the becoming-indiscernible of the diagram in societies of control JOSS_2014_P1-14
Hélène Frichot 1-14
The construction of a problem: Architecture modelling after Descartes JOSS_2014_P15-34
Jane Burry 15-34
Spatial configuration: Semi-automatic methods for layout generation in practice JOSS_2014_P35-49
Lucy Helme, Christian Derix, Åsmund Izaki 35-49
Proxi modelling: A tacit approach to territorial praxis JOSS_2014_P50-67
Enriqueta Llabres, Eduardo Rico 50-67
How designs evolve JOSS_2014_P68-90
Kinda Al_Sayed 68-90
Beyond two dimensions: Architecture through three-dimensional visibility graph analysis JOSS_2014_P91-108
Tasos Varoudis, Sophia Psarra 91-108
Just around the corner from where you are: Probabilistic isovist fields, inference and embodied projection JOSS_2014_P109-132
Sophia Psarra, Sam McElhinney 109-132

Non-thematic section

Diachronic axial modelling in GIS JOSS_2014_P133-145
Miguel Lage Alvim Serra 133-145

Book Reviews

Book Review: 'Patterns of Co-presence: Spatial Configuration and Social Segregation' JOSS_2014_P146-147
Laura Vaughan 146-147
Book Review: 'An Anthropology of Architecture' JOSS_2014_P148-150
John Bingham-Hall 148-150

ISSN: 2044-7507