Vol 1, No 1 (2010)

Special Guest-edited Anniversary Issue to commemorate the 7th International Space Syntax Symposium held in Stockholm in June 2009

Table of Contents


Editorial JOSS_2010_Editorial.pdf
Julienne Hanson i-v

Guest Editorial

Guest Editorial JOSS_2010_GuestEditorial.pdf
Lars Marcus, Daniel Koch vi-x


Architecture Re-Configured JOSS_2010_p1-16.pdf
Daniel Koch 1-16
The Ghost of 'Conceived Space' JOSS_2010_p17-29.pdf
Sophia Psarra 17-29
Spatial Capital JOSS_2010_p30-40.pdf
Lars Marcus 30-40
What do We Need to Add to a Social Network to Get a Society? JOSS_2010_p41-58.pdf
Bill Hillier 41-58
Compact Sprawl Experiments JOSS_2010_p59-76.pdf
Alexander Ståhle, Lars Marcus 59-76
The spatial signature of suburban town centres JOSS_2010_p77-91.pdf
Laura Vaughan, Catherine Emma Jones, Sam Griffiths, Mordechai (Muki) Haklay 77-91
From housing segregation to integration in public space JOSS_2010_p92-107.pdf
Ann Legeby 92-107
Poverty and Connectivity JOSS_2010_p108-120.pdf
Ann Carpenter, John Peponis 108-120
Spatial and social configurations in offices JOSS_2010_p121-132.pdf
Jesper Steen, Henrik Markhede 121-132
The Visual Functioning of Buildings: Outline of a possible general theory JOSS_2010_p133-148.pdf
Sonit Bafna, Carina Antunez, Myung Seok Hyun, Hyun Kyung Lee, Yi Lu 133-148

Methodological Approaches

Spatial Positioning Tool JOSS_2010_p149-163.pdf
Henrik Markhede, Pablo Miranda, Daniel Koch 149-163
Solutions for visibility-accessibility and signage problems via layered-graphs JOSS_2010_p164-176.pdf
Nicholas Sheep Dalton, Ruth Conroy Dalton 164-176

Architectural and Urban Practice

Architectural Knowledge and Complex Urban Space JOSS_2010_p177-198.pdf
Lars Marcus, Alexander Ståhle, Malin Dahlhielm 177-198
Pre and Post Occupancy Evaluations in Workplace Environments JOSS_2010_p199-213.pdf
Kerstin Sailer, Andrew Budgen, Nathan Lonsdale, Alasdair Turner, Alan Penn 199-213


The architecture of knowledge for educations in Urban Planning and Design JOSS_2010_p214-229.pdf
Lars Marcus 214-229
Social and Technical Challenges to the Adoption of Space Syntax Methodologies as a Planning Support System (PSS) in American Urban Design JOSS_2010_p230-245.pdf
Noah Raford 230-245

Book Reviews

Book Review: Architecture and Narrative JOSS_2010_BookReview_1.pdf
Daniel Koch 246-248
Book Review: Brasília: modern city, eternal city JOSS_2010_BookReview_2.pdf
João Pinelo 249-250


Forum: Letters to the Editor JOSS_2010_TheForum_1.pdf
Mattias Kärrholm 251-253
Forum: Letters to the Editor JOSS_2010_TheForum_2.pdf
Sara Westin 254-257

ISSN: 2044-7507