Vol 2, No 2 (2011)

Autumn/Winter 2011

Table of Contents


Editorial JOSS_2011_2_EDITORIAL
Sophia Psarra vi-xii


Is architectural form meaningless? A configurational theory of generic meaning in architecture, and its limits JOSS_2011_p125-153.pdf
Bill Hillier 125-153

Theory and Practice

Searching for order synchronic and diachronic aspects (of a personal case) JOSS_2011_P154-179.PDF
Irena Sakellaridou 154-179
When is space a fleeting contingency to see you? JOSS_2011_P180-200.pdf
Iris Lykourioti 180-200

Architectural and Urban Practice

Using Space Syntax to Design an Architecture of Visual Relations JOSS_2011_P201-222.pdf
Thomas Arnold 201-222


Questioning the Primacy of Topology over Geometry: A Configurational Analysis of the Rural Houses (1984-2005) of Glenn Murcutt. JOSS_2011_p223-246.pdf
Michael Ostwald 223-246
The inverted genotype and its implications for the flexibility of architectural models JOSS_2011_P247-272.pdf
Sean Hanna 247-272

Book Reviews

Book Review: Around & About Stock Orchard Street JOSS_2011_2_BookReview_1.pdf
Jan Kattein 273-276
Book Review: The Urban Housing Handbook & The Urban Towers Handbook JOSS_2011_2_BookReview_2.pdf
Garyfalia Palaiologou 277-281


On 'Temporality in Hillier and Hanson's Theory of Spatial Description. Some Implications Of Historical Research For Space Syntax' by Sam Griffiths JOSS_2011_2_TheForum.pdf
Frederico de Holanda 282-286

ISSN: 2044-7507