Vol 2, No 1 (2011)

Summer 2011

Table of Contents


Editorial JOSS_2011_1_Editorial.pdf
Sophia Psarra i-v


Evolution of a building type: the case of the multi-storey garage JOSS_2011_p1-25.pdf
Philip Steadman 1-25
Space: interconnecting museology and architecture JOSS_2011_p26-53.pdf
Kali Tzortzi 26-53
Viewing the Market: The Spatial Dimension of Trading Spaces JOSS_2011_p54-72.pdf
Pe-Ru Tsen 54-72


Temporality in Hillier and Hanson's Theory of Spatial Description: Some Implications Of Historical Research For Space Syntax JOSS_2011_p73-96.pdf
Sam Griffiths 73-96

Methodological Approaches

The convex space as the 'atom' of urban analysis JOSS_2011_p97-114.pdf
Paul Osmond 97-114

Book Reviews

Book Review: Mathematical Analysis of Urban Spatial Networks JOSS_2011_1_BookReview_1.pdf
Sean Hanna 115-117
Book Review: Cities, Design and Evolution JOSS_2011_1_BookReview_2.pdf
Ashley Dhanani 118-119


History, Structure and Technique: A reply to Batty and another challenge to space syntax JOSS_2011_1_TheForum.pdf
Stephen Read 120-124

ISSN: 2044-7507