JOSS 7(2) Spatial Cultures RELEASED

As of October 30, Journal of Space Syntax 7(1): Spatial Cultures, is released.

The issue contains five research articles - four full articles and the first JOSS Extended article. The concept of ‘spatial cultures’ is clearly both pressing and fruitful as a field of inquiry. It welcomes both new and returning contributors, covers new and revisited questions, and includes a wide range of methodological and theoretical approaches both in concrete analysis and in theoretical and methodological frameworks.

Frederico Holanda: Urban Fissures,, Hannes Frykholm: Staging the Intermission, Simon Demetriou: (Re)configuring Crusoe's habitation, Marcela Aragüez and Sophia Psarra: The spatial and social patterns of an urban interior - the Architecture of SAANA, John Peponis: On the pedagogical function of the city.

Please find the content of the issue here.

ISSN: 2044-7507