The JOSS Editorial Team are happy to announce that JOSS will add one more format of submission and publishing, called ‘JOSS Extended’. This format is subject to similar rigorous peer-review as all other submission forms, but recognising the wide scope of the journal it is clear that there are valuable contributions that would not be suitable within the standard submission formats. Rather than creating a wide range of different submission formats, we therefore have decided to introduce ‘JOSS Extended’ where other types of articles can be submitted, and where the length is not pre-defined. A submission to JOSS Extended will be evaluated so that character, length, and type of argument must follow from one another to provide a solid and qualitative whole, and is not a place to submit an article that just happened to be too long; editorial screening and decisions will be made on suitability on a case-by-case basis. JOSS Extended will be published in regular issues, but due to the format and process it may take longer between submission and publication.

The primary submission format to JOSS remains the standard article formats, and JOSS Extended will be open only for submissions that for discernible reasons require deviation from these formats. These reasons should be explicable via the article’s content, material, and line of argument. Acceptance as a JOSS Extended article is subject to editorial discretion and it is advised to contact the editor before submitting an article to the format.

Download the JOSS Extended description here

ISSN: 2044-7507