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Author Guidelines

Papers should be submitted on-line with the Journal using the form provided on the Login page of this website. If you have not yet been registered with Journal, then Email the Editor, Dr Sophia Psarra with an expression of interest to regsiter.

Papers reporting on Research should normally be no longer that 8000 words, including illustrations, references and footnotes. The length of papers reporting on Methods, Practice and Education should normally be between 3000 to 5000 words. Contributions to the Forum should not usually exceed 800 words.

The Paper itself should be submitted in the form of a standard Word document (not the latest docx format). This should show the title of the Paper but not the name/s of the author/s. The Paper should be prefaced by a short abstract of about 200-300 words, and up to five descriptors or keywords that will allow the document to be retrieved in a search process. Illustrations should be placed within the text at the appropriate point, as if formatted for publication.

If submitting to a peer-reviewed section of the journal, the instructions in Ensuring a Blind Review must be followed. Any information that might identify the author/s should not be included within the Paper.

A separate Title Page should be provided as a standard Word document (again, not in a .docx format). This will not be forwarded to the referees, to ensure the anonymity of the author/s. The Title Page should include the full contact details (name, affiliation, postal address, email address and telephone number) of all the named authors. Where a paper has multiple authors, the principal author’s name should appear first and the contact author (usually the principal author) should be clearly identified. The submission should be accompanied a covering letter signed by all the authors, confirming that the paper has been read and approved by all the contributing authors.

Contributors should also submit a brief biography of no more than 100 words for each contributing author, as a separate Word document. A set of illustrations should also be supplied separately from the paper itself for editorial purposes.

All documents / files / attachments should be clearly labelled with the principal author’s name and the date sent. The Paper will be re-labelled before it is forwarded to the referees for their comments.

Contributors should follow the journal’s stylistic conventions. Papers should be formatted using the following style guidelines:

• Papers should be written in clear, plain English, in a language that avoids the use of jargon and which is non-sexist, non-racist and not liable to offend.

• To assist the reader, the text should be divided into sections with section headings.

• Spelling should follow that used in the Concise Oxford Dictionary. All measurements should be expressed in metric.

• Authors should note that the Editor will re-format papers and illustrations to suit the journal’s house style in respect of such matters as font, point size, spacing and the general appearance of the published paper.

• All the figures and tables supplied should be both mentioned and positioned at the appropriate point at which they are intended to appear in the text, and should be numbered in the order in which they appear in the text. Any references made to illustrations should be keyed into the text with square brackets thus: [Figure 1] or [Table 1].

• Normally, figures and tables will be reproduced as supplied by the author. These should be of a professional quality. They should be supplied in TIFF or PNG and be at a resolution of not less than 600 dpi for pictorial illustrations and lot less than 1200 dpi for line diagrams, or be in an EPS format. Other formats such as JPEG, Powerpoint, Excel, etc., will not be accepted. Tables should be supplied as Word documents.

• Contributors are responsible for gaining any permissions to reproduce material, including illustrations, for which they do not hold the copyright, and for paying the necessary fees. A copy of the permission to reproduce should be included with the paper submitted to JOSS.

• All references must be cited in the text according to the Harvard system, in which the authors’ names (no initials) and the date of publication are given in the text in round brackets (Hillier and Hanson, 1984). Where more than one reference by the same author appears in a single year of publication, the labels a, b, c, etc. should be appended to the publication date, in the order in which the works are cited in the text.

• A full list of all the references cited in the paper, including all of the authors and /or editors named in each citation, should be listed alphabetically by author in ascending chronological order, at the end of the paper according to the Harvard system, under the heading References.

• First and last pages should be supplied for articles published in journals or books. Full details should be provided for Acts of Parliament, government publications, statutes, legal documents etc.

• Any unpublished material, or material published by an organisation in-house, must include full details of its availability.

• Footnotes are discouraged and should be used sparingly. Where used, these should indicated at the appropriate point in the text, by a superscript number. A full list of notes, in consecutive numerical order as they appear in the text, should be given at the end of the paper under the heading Notes.

• Due acknowledgement should be made at the end of the paper in respect of any practical or financial assistance given.

Prospective authors who are in any doubt as to whether their work is suitable for JOSS are encouraged to send an outline or draft to the Editor in advance of making a formal submission.

Authors themselves are responsible for the opinions expressed in the journal. Acceptance of a paper for publication in JOSS implies the assignment of copyright to the journal. The Editor’s decision is final.


Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  1. The author has the authority to submit the material for publication.
  2. The paper reports previously unpublished work.
  3. The paper is not being concurrently submitted to another journal for publication.
  4. If accepted for publication in JOSS, the paper will not be resubmitted for publication elsewhere without the consent of the publishers.
  5. A Title Page has been provided as a separate Word document.
  6. The Paper has been provided as a standard Word document. It has a title, a short abstract of about 200-300 words and up to five descriptors or keywords.
  7. The Paper does not exceed the relevant word limit, as stated in the Author Guidelines.
  8. A separate set of illustrations, clearly labelled with the principal author’s name and the date sent, has been provided.
  9. A brief biography of no more than 100 words has been provided for each contributing author.
  10. For papers in multiple authorship, a covering letter has been provided and signed by all the authors to confirm that the paper has been read and approved by all the contributing authors.
  11. Where copyright material is included in the paper, a copy of the permission to reproduce has been provided.
  12. All the files / attachments have been clearly labelled with the principal author’s name and the date sent.

Copyright Notice

Unless otherwise stated, articles published in the journal of space syntax have a shared copyright between authors and JOSS. Authors retain the rights to the content of the article, and JOSS has a shared copyright with the authors of the article as published in JOSS. This means that:

1. The author(s) holds the rights to the article content. This means that the author(s) has the right to make use of the article content in future publications and work. The only requirement is that future use cites the JOSS publication as place of original publication. Authors also have the right to upload the article in its published form to open access, non-profit databases and university repositories. If the author wishes to republish the article in its published form in other contexts, including printed publications, this requires the consent of the journal.

2. The Journal of Space Syntax (JOSS) holds the rights to maintain the open access publication of the article in its published form, as well as to republish the article in JOSS contexts in the future. This includes such things as anniversary issues, republishing of historical articles, and in any printed versions of an individual issue of JOSS or of collections of articles from JOSS for non-profit purposes. Any other republishing of articles requires that JOSS has the consent of the author(s). JOSS also holds the rights to store the published version of an article in other databases for the purpose of ensuring the longevity of JOSS publications.

3. Third parties have the rights to distribute the articles in a non-systemic manner, and make use of the articles in teaching, education, and any other context providing that proper acknowledgement is given to JOSS as a source. Uploading to websites, databases, or repositories (and similar platforms) are here considered as systemic distribution, and it remains the right of the author(s) and JOSS. However, course websites with access limited to course participants are not. Therefore sharing material for educational purposes through online course platforms is allowed providing access is limited to course participants. Any other form of distribution or reproduction requires the consent of the authors and JOSS.

4. The Journal of Space Syntax is a non-profit, academic knowledge dissemination journal, and is not liable for the effects of the use or implementation of any of the published articles. Opinions as expressed in published papers are the opinions of the authors. The Journal of Space Syntax also holds the authors responsible for making sure they have the right to publish text, images, diagrams, figures, and any other article content, and by submitting an article to JOSS the author(s) confirms they have these rights.

Specific information of copyright conditions, for instance in republished material or rights to figures, images and other materials inside articles, overrule the above rights. Such copyright conditions will be stated in figure captions, or on the article front page and first page.


Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.


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