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Call for Papers 7(2): Spatial Cultures II

As a result of the combination of number of good submissions and a longer term strategy, the coming issue of the Journal of Space Syntax (7:2) continues to delve into the the question of socio-cultural relations to space. This intends to highlight the question of cultural specificity in the formation of space, but also the ways through which culture takes form and shape, and how culture affects relations to spatial formation. On one hand, different cultures have different spatial traditions seen as how various building types are formed, what types there are, and how they are aggregated in settlements. On the other hand, different cultures invest in space differently, be it in regards to what is manifested, or to what extent society is manifested through built form. Thirdly, however, there are architectural forms more deliberately or explicitly meant to hold, communicate or exhibit cultural production - such as museums, libraries, cinemas, culture houses, and similar buildings, or public spaces of art or cultural events. For the second issue on Spatial Cultures, we particularly encourage case studies of specific buildings as well as cultural specific traditions in housing or urban developments, while remaining open to all contributions to the titular theme.

Papers of up to 8000 words are to be submitted to the editors via the JOSS website by 6th of January 2017. In order to register in our website and submit a paper, please contact the Coordinating Editor (Ann Legeby). Authors are advised to follow submission and author guidelines as found on the JOSS Citation Style guide.
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