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Call for Papers _ 'Changing Building Typologies' (Special Issue, JOSS Autumn/Winter 2014)

Patterns of space usage inside buildings are currently experiencing a noteworthy change. While function used to be a relatively clear descriptor of a building type including typical usage behaviours – everyone knew what a bank and a shop and a library was – the reality of what is happening inside buildings nowadays is much more complex, diverse and multi-layered than a single word can describe. Against this background, we would like to invite scholars to contribute to this Special Issue of the Journal of Space Syntax on ‘Changing Building Typologies’ with original research on themes of the importance of building typologies, comparative studies of buildings, new ways of classifying buildings, mapping the diversity of usage and investigating transformation processes of buildings.  
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Vol 4, No 2 (2013): ‘Urban challenges’ II: More challenges ahead

We are pleased to announce the second Issue of Volume 4 on ‘Urban challenges’ II: More challenges ahead, in a thematic publication of JOSS.  
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Vol 4, No 2 (2013): ‘Urban challenges’ II: More challenges ahead

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