A rather informative event, which brought together views form different academic disciplines on aspects related to the impact of urban migration processes, took place this February in UCL. The UCL Urban Migration Film Festival, organised by Professor Laura Vaughan, Rastko Novakovic, Searle Kochberg and Dr Sonia Arbaci and funded by the UCL Environment Institute, hosted an interdisciplinary symposium that enhanced a fruitful exchange of ideas based on films introduced in the festival. As stated in the event’s brochure, the intention was to ‘explore the impact migrants have on their physical, social, cultural and economic environment as well as how cultural, spatial, legal and ideological forces affect rights, mobility and settlement’. The work of the young filmmakers who participated was organized and introduced in three thematic sessions: ‘Journeys’, ‘Transition’ and ‘Negotiation and Accommodation’. Stimulli, ideas and future perspectives on urban migrants’ movement, settling and profile of their modes of living, rising form the presented films, were discussed under two interdisciplinary rounds of dialogue. The event maintains a blog site (see link bellow), where material and details regarding the event can be found, while providing a chance for post-event questions, insights and brainstorming.






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