61 degrees in the shade!

No wonder my equipment failed! It had to be re-calibrated again for me to continue using the same equipment in Abu Dhabi to measure external Globe temperature!

I’m coming to the end of a 4-month field trip to Abu Dhabi. I have worked very closely with some key government departments who have been extremely supportive of my attempt to understand how Abu Dhabi can save on energy costs. And there are some very creative measures that can be taken to do so.

The leadership of Abu Dhabi are very brave as they learn from the lessons of Fukushima. Japan is completing the three suspended Nuclear power plants (2 in Aomori, and one in Shimine) and will then create a program to phase out all atomic power generation by 2040.

The opportunity for Abu Dhabi is to build safe Nuclear power to cater for the growing built environment. Some readers might say, why does Abu Dhabi need Nuclear power? Despite being rich, the leadership has recognized that oil will eventually run out, an alternative fuel source will secure the growth of the Emirates and pave way for a more sustainable expansion.


12 September 2012, Room G01, 4:00-7:00 PM

The Bartlett School of Graduate Studies (BSGS), UCL
Central House, 14 Upper Woburn Place 
London, WC1H 0NN
Module leader: Dr Sophia Psarra
Students: Abhimanyu  Acharya, Alastair McMahon, Alkmini Petraki, Ashleika Adelea, Christina Lenart, Kely Sarmiento Eljadue, Naif Alghamdi, Nicolas Orellana, Pheereeya Boonchaiyapruek, Qi Hu, Radhika Shukla, Su J Kwon, Velina Mirincheva
AAS course coordinator: Dr Sam Griffiths
AAS staff: Dr Kayvan Karimi, Dr Kerstin Sailer, Kinda Al Sayed, Prof Laura Vaughan
Exhibition Organisers: Pheereeya Boonchaiyapruek, Christina Lenart, Nicolas Orellana